Function & Features

Your personal garden pool

Choose between two different ambience lights, wonderfully relaxing massage jets that are otherwise only used in whirlpools. Or why not the four spring inlet nozzles, which ensure a lively water movement.

What if you want to heat the water?

No problem: an electric heater or an energy-saving heat pump is available. The more than 40 years of know-how of the RivieraPool brand in the swimming pool industry can be seen here in every detail. Proven quality and functionality, which is also reflected in the equipment of your C-SIDE pool.

The equipment: as versatile as you are!

Everything thought of

All necessary components are pre-installed in your C-Side pool.

Ambience & Function

Your C-SIDE pool will be much more interesting if good extensions are applied.

LED lighting

A cosy summer evening at your pool, your feet in the water, the movement of the water is reflected and creates a unique atmosphere in your garden. For this you have two ambience lights at your disposal. The "White-Light" for a shining white and the "Ambi-Light" with which countless colours can be conjured up in your pool. The RGB colour light can be changed via a remote control.

Source inlet nozzles

You can only achieve water reflections in moving water. For this reason, we have added a new nozzle arrangement to the C-SIDE pools. These jets do not radiate into the pool, but against the water surface, so that the coloured light can break and fill your garden with beautiful light reflexes. This is whisper-quiet and replaces the usually "disturbing" creek inlets and wells.

Waterfall "Maine"

To move the water and at the same time bring a chic and functional massage function into your pool, a stainless steel water surge is ideal. This is not only beneficial for the neck and shoulder area, but is also very elegant due to its workmanship and is extremely weatherproof.

Waterfall „Cube“

This water fountain is characterized by an absolutely linear design. On the one hand, it is suitable as a water fountain for installation on the kerbstone. This chic design accessory can also be installed in an individual wall with facing bricks. So you can create a stream inlet into your pool. Due to the high-quality material (V4A), the waterfall is very weather-resistant.

Massage function

Water, heat and massage systems

The buoyancy force of the water causes our body to have only one tenth of its actual weight. The body floats, the joints are relieved, blood circulation is stimulated.

Warmth really gets the blood circulation going. This is important because our blood has the task of transporting vital oxygen, nutrients and healing substances to our body cells.

Massage jets are now targeted at tense muscle areas and loosen them up again. The tissue relaxes. The air bubble system makes the skin vibrate like a membrane. Thus the skin blood circulation is more than doubled in shortest time. Oxygen reaches the skin through the pores. Thus the oxygen supply of the body is substantially improved.

Types of nozzles


For Shiatsu (Fingerprint-) Massage

Microjets: These nozzles have the diameter of a finger and thus cause a powerful, punctual finger pressure massage. They are aimed at the muscles in the shoulder and neck area. The Microjet massage jets work selectively and with emphasis on the shoulder girdle. If you let yourself slide a little deeper into the water, the hydropeaking massage also covers the muscles at the neck and back of the head, even the tendon insertions which are painful for almost everyone.

Microjet nozzles for CS37L models

For Shiatsu (fingerprint-) massage in the lower back

The "Microjet" nozzle pattern differs from the classic nozzle pattern in the "CS37L" and "CS37L with Wetlounge" models. Due to the shape of the pool, the Microjet massage nozzles are arranged further down in a rectangular formation. This arrangement targets the muscle groups next to the spine from the middle back to the hip. In combination with the turbojet massage jets, tensions can be easily released in warm water.

Turbojet massage jets

For a hard and deep massage

Turbojets are large, powerful jets aimed at the large, powerful muscle areas of the lower back, where they provide a deeper massage. The two turbo jets are placed in the lumbar area and send a hard kneading massage to the trunk muscles on the side of the lumbar vertebrae, the sciatic nerve and the hip joint. This strong, targeted massage is capable of softly kneading muscle hardenings, gently loosening adhesions in connective tissue and joints in the case of arthrosis and mobilising deposits.

Water treatment

You don't need much for crystal clear water.

The pre-installed skimmer filters the water in two steps. Foliage and coarse dirt remain in the sieve basket. Suspended matter and finest particles are filtered through the filter cartridge. A small amount of chlorine is added to the prefilter basket to disinfect the water. C-SIDE pools can be operated manually or automatically. You can find out more about this by contacting your C-SIDE partner or in the installation instructions (CS TI 1).

Pool covers

When should you cover your C-Side pool?

Protection, cleanliness and safety - a pool cover fulfils all three aspects. It keeps the water clean, stops evaporation, stores heat and prevents algae growth.

Wind and weather panel cover

In order for your minipool to keep the desired temperature in the water without cooling down through evaporation, a wind and weather cover is very useful. In addition, it protects small children and small animals from breaking into the pool. If the wind and weather panels are not on the pool, you can for example stack a bench from them.


enlarge your wellness oasis! The daybed is not only straightforward and insulating, but also offers a comfortable lying surface if you do not use the pool. This pool cover can also be used as a seat.

Insulating cover

This cover consists of a robust, durable cover. It corresponds to the dimensions of the water surface of your C-SIDE pool and is divided into segments. This allows the cover to be easily folded down. The insulating film has a top and bottom layer structure which makes the cover resistant to chemicals and microbial attack.

Roller cover

A roller cover is the ideal solution for the protection against leaves and impurities. It also prevents breaking in if a child or pet walks over the closed pool.

If you want to heat your pool and have a childproof cover where you can also relax, then the daybed is just right for you. The panels can easily be placed over the pool to keep the heat inside and protect against evaporation.