The right surface makes the pool


Plain surfaces

The pool colour creates the atmosphere

Granicite stone grey

The pool colour granicite stone grey offers a real, natural stone look. In conjunction with a natural stone paving around the pool, it harmoniously brings together the pool and paved surround. Stainless steel accessories provide contrasting textures. This colour can conjure up a Mediterranean feel. A pool in granicite stone grey reflects in the bright sun, offering refreshing strong blue water, suitable for a Mediterranean theme.


The pelvic colour "papyrus" makes the pelvic surface stand out strongly. This surface is just right for those who want to have bright blue pool water like in a holiday pool. Stainless steel built-in parts are very discreet and of high quality on this surface. A pool border can be realized in different shades of grey or even sandstone. Papyrus is unrestrictedly recommended for outdoor use.

Each pool unique

Glass mosaic

Mosaic is today one of the most demanding and durable surfaces in swimming pool construction. The individual glass mosaics are differently coloured and thus give a completely different light and colour reflection, depending on the angle from which you look at the pool. This results in an infinite number of different colour impressions with which you can consciously create the ambience in your bathroom or bath garden.