Which style of garden do you prefer?

Combine your personal outdoor lifestyle. We have prepared a number of designs for you. Each one is a little recipe to feel good. Never before has a garden idea developed into a wellness concept so easily and quickly.

C-SIDE is as diverse as you are.

The Designer

"The designer" will integrate the pool into his stylish Bauhaus terrace. Dark "granicite" surfaces in natural stone look or chic mosaics by Ezarri or Sicis reflect the light. The "SlimLine" built-in components are flush-mounted and bring the air-water mixture to the bathers. The design is linear, ordered, reduced and architecturally clean. The "Ambi-Light" creates elegant waves on the white surfaces of the house or the privacy screen elements.

With elements such as dark, square floor slabs, Kiesflächen and large grasses, these pools can be expanded into a lounge zone in which you can relax comfortably on chic upholstery. A chic floor lamp and discreet acoustic irradiation create the luxury of enjoying the night in an outdoor living room.

The connoisseur

The "connoisseur" and "my private C-Side" become a very enjoyable team through the fusion of water, fire and outdoor cooking. The water in the centre of the seating and reclining areas, the scent of oleander and lavender, the spices like rosemary and thyme, fresh from the plant beds, await the refinement of Mediterranean cuisine. The menu features a cosy atmosphere, delicious combinations of grilled fish and garlic and cool white wine. Then there is this relaxation on and in the water, the fire in sight. This is how a long evening can end quietly and well.

Afterwards, the C-Side Pool is simply closed with the "Daybed". This keeps the water warm and the living space clean and safe for the next cosy day at your private "Lago". By the way, every atrium with a C-SIDE pool becomes the highlight of the house, even in cramped residential areas. Start combining - grant yourself this living space - and enjoy life...

The Active gardener

Simply perfect after a strong bike ride or jogging. This is also good for the early riser, because the water is well warmed and with lots of oxygen it massages and reactivates tired muscles. In combination with a garden shower and an outdoor sauna, your outdoor living will be attractive in summer and winter.

For "the active gardener", the C-Side becomes a fitness area in the garden. Thanks to the stable construction of the pool, insulating concrete and an air heat pump, it can be warmed up quickly and easily and offers the athletically ambitious a small wellness oasis.

The Natural

Heating is much faster than with conventional wood-fired hot tubs, which only heat the water through thermal circulation. The four seasons of the year are no longer a luxury. After gardening, treat yourself to a fresh footbath or a warming massage bath - you deserve it.

"The natural" will furnish the C-Side completely organically. Many plants around the water, warm colours and rather rustic with lots of wood and space for the warming fire in the evening - this is how the "natural" C-Side should look like. Naturally with biological water treatment, perhaps even with a natural wood heater? This is ensured by a fire bowl with a stainless steel spiral, through which the water is heated and pumped back into the pool.